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Evening Show at the Mandolin Gathering

July 25, 2020

6  to 9:00 P.M. 

Evening Show is cancelled,
Mandolin Gathering workshops are still happening
Hickory Robot Fretboard crop banner.jpg

Hickory Robot

Hickory Robot is an acoustic group from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their sound is a compelling blend of traditional bluegrass instrumentation, mixed with jazz, Celtic, and rock elements that create a truly unique and engaging music.


The band formed in 2008 when Jim was teaching guitar at the music store Scott managed. Conversations about music and songwriting led to Jim reaching out to Lauren, and Scott to original bassist Matt Holt, and Hickory Robot was born. The band played extensively throughout the southern Ohio region and quickly gained a following for its “stellar songwriting” and “impeccable musicianship” (Citybeat Magazine). Their first album, Firefly, was released in 2010 to critical acclaim and their second, Sawyer, followed in 2012, garnering even greater accolades, extensive radio airplay, and an Album of the Year nomination from the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. The band has since gone on to receive 5 CEA nominations for Best Bluegrass Band, and their song “Hartford’s Bend” took first place in the 1st year of the John Hartford Memorial Festival songwriting contest.


The band experimented with different lineups, including drums and banjo, but returned to its original instrumentation with the addition of bassist Aaron Jacobs, who joined the fold in 2015. Their third album, simply titled “Hickory Robot”, was released in March of 2019.


Brought together by a shared love of acoustic music, songwriting, and live performance, the band have created a sound that reflects their varied backgrounds while developing a unique and multi-faceted personality all its own.

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