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Things are a-Hopping

Have you been to Metamora, Indiana's Canal Town, lately? One thing we hear from people who learn where we live is "Metamora! I haven't been there for years. When I was kid...."

Well, come on out.

The horse drawn canal boat offers excursions that take you through the unique wooden covered bridge Duck Creek Aqueduct, the Whitewater Valley Railroad takes you down the canal and back again. The Whitewater Canal Trail leads you 2.5 miles from town to the hidden beauty of the Twin Locks, (mostly level and with a surface suitable for hiking or biking.)

We have a moving Memorial Service on Sunday May 29 that culminates in throwing flowers into the canal. As a matter of fact, the annual peony watch has begun.....will they bloom too soon, will they bloom in time....?

Memorial service in Metamora Indiana

The first weekend of June brings Strawberry Days, you can listen to live music while consuming strawberry shortcake on the lawn of the Banes House. On Saturday evening we move the fun to the Opry Barn where we have a community potluck with live music, everyone is welcome to attend. On Sunday the monthly jam at the Grist Mill is--what else?--The Strawberry Jam.

Strawberry Days offers live music at Banes House

The following weekend we have our spring edition of the ever-popular Hee Haw Tribute Show on Friday and Saturday. We can't tell you what you'll see, but we can promise that no two performances are ever alike.

Monthly events:

First Sunday: Metamora SongFarmers Slow Jam at the Grist Mill from 1 to 4 PM

Third Saturday: Bluegrass Show at the Opry Barn doors at 5:30 PM

Final Friday: Acoustic Final Friday at the Back Porch of Lanes End or at the Opry Barn (weather dependent, check Facebook for latest info) Sign up for slots begins at 6:30

Check out our website, and follow us on facebook for the latest updates.

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