Mandolin Workshops

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Scott Napier

Movable Chords: 

Int/Adv Level

This session will explore playing songs in movable positions/ movable keys. (it might not be as hard as you think.)

Volume and Finesse: 

 Int/Adv Level

We'll talk about dynamics-How to play the mandolin with more volume and finesse

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Jim Richter

Writing a Blues Instrumental

Writing a blues instrumental will explore how to develop motif, mood,  and motion that excites the listener and compels other musicians to learn the tune.  By the end of the class, class members will have collaborated in creating a tune.

Learning to Listen

Learning to listen is about collaboration with others. It is learning how to listen. And through this listening, how to complement, restate, expand upon, or add additional richness to music without losing track of the melody and stepping over your musical partners.  The mandolin is often stuck in a pre-defined position within a traditional Bluegrass structure. This explores how to go beyond playing on the two and four.

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Andra Faye

Intro to Pentatonic Scaless: 

Int Level

How to utilize scales when jamming, and fun with the blues.

Fills, Licks, Turnarounds, & Tricks: 

 Int Level

We will be exploring “jamming” and learning how not to freeze when you’re told to “take it” at a jam! More fun with blues.

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Dave Bagdade

Building a Break


Have you skipped your turn to solo during a bluegrass jam because you didn’t know what to play? If so, Dave Bagdade’s Beginning Bluegrass Breaks workshop is for you. Using a well-known bluegrass song as a base, Dave will deconstruct it to the very basics and help you build it back up into break-playing skills you can use.  Although this workshop is primarily aimed at less-experienced bluegrass players, intermediate pickers will find value in Dave’s approach as well.

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Mario Joven

Getting Into the Swing of Things, Intro to Swing 


It don't mean a thing. Putting some swing into your mandolin playing. intermediate and advanced players. Students should know at least a couple tunes.


Lauren Price Napier

Mandolin 101: Intro to Mandolin