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Mandolin Workshops

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Scott Napier

1.Tips & Tricks to Play Faster - Beg/Int

2. Cross Picking Basics, McReynolds Style - Int/Adv

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Andra Faye

1. Mandolin from Scratch-Beginner level

learn the basics of the mandolin


2. Blues Mandolin- Andra was a member of Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women and is known for her blues mandolin skills

click below for a pdf of the Workshop Schedule


Lauren Price Napier

1. Tremolo, Slides, & Double Stops

Beginner Level

A good exercise class on overall technique and playing posture.


2. Bill Monroe's Road to Columbus- Int

exploration of a classic piece 

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Don Julin

1.  Experience the Power of Pentatonic Scales-Intermediate

Pentatonic scales are responsible for many of the most recognizable licks and melodies of all time. The guitar lick from “My Girl”, the melody of “Amazing Grace”, Lester Flatt’s famous G-run are examples of major pentatonic scales. Classic rock songs “Voodoo Child” (Jimi Hendrix) and “Sunshine of Your Love” (Cream), are built around minor pentatonic riffs. David Grisman’s mandolin standard E.M.D. also is based around the minor pentatonic scale. These scales are not only easy to hear, they are easy to master on the mandolin and are a favorite choice among many improvisers. Come learn how mastering pentatonic scales can take your mandolin playing to the next level.


2. Improve Your Groove & Increase Your Speed-Intermediate

This workshop focuses on how to use your metronome to improve your sense of time and space, allowing you to play faster, smoother, and more musical in any style. This hands-on workshop covers essential timing concepts and will get you listening for the beat, dividing beats, counting rests, and feeling two and four-bar phrases like you never have before. You will learn about a practice app that can make practice more fun and a metronome practice technique that will change your playing forever! This intermediate-level workshop is open to anyone that wants to improve their groove. This material is not mandolin specific, so guitar players, fiddlers, banjo players, etc. are welcome to participate in this timing-based workshop.


Caleb Christopher Edwards

1Practical Mandolin-Intermediate

Is it hard for you to get your pinky up for the classic G “chop chord”? Then this course is for you! We will discuss very practical ways of getting around the physical difficulties of playing the mandolin by exploring two and three finger chords and their inversions, easy shapes to explore the fingerboard with, and various different rhythm techniques that all the pros use


2.Irish Mandolin-Intermediate

A crash course on the traditional Irish style of tunes such as jigs, slip-jigs, and reels, the quintessential techniques that can be carried into other genres, and a more modern approach to Celtic rhythm on the mandolin. This course is also Bouzouki/Octave mandolin friendly!

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