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Mandolin Workshops

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Scott Napier

1. Dynamics & Playing With Authority — how to get to the most out of your mandolin
The dynamics workshop could be viewed as advance, but also at any level. I feel like it’s something that anyone could benefit from, even if they’re not ready to apply some of the information.

2. “Ole Joe Clark” in 3 Perspectives — a basic intro to the tune, an intermediate version, and a cross-picking style arrangement to show you how to develop your own ideas and improvise on standards

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Andra Faye

1. Playing with the Pentatonic scale We will have fun learning to use the 5 note Pentatonic scale tones that we always hear blues guitarists use to improvise.


2. Arranging a tune—finding best key for our voice, and how to make our own version, keeping true to the original spirit of a tune

click below for a pdf of the Workshop Schedule


Lauren Price Napier

1. Southern Flavor & TN Blues – Beginner/Intermediate

A tune class geared towards the advancing beginner/intermediate picker, demonstrating two popular Bill Monroe tunes, “Southern Flavor" and "Tennessee Blues"


2. Scales, Chops, & Double Stops – Beginner

Simply as the title states, a workshop on scale positions, basic chord shapes, and double stops for some of the more common keys needed to get you pickin.’ A good exercise class on overall technique and playing posture.


Bobbie Jane Lancaster

1.  Medicinal Music: Musicians have super-powers. We have the special ability to help others feel connected to one another, to their own emotions, and to something bigger than ourselves.   This gift is especially powerful as people are dying, healing, or struggling.   In this workshop we will talk about how music can be used medicinally to help others & how you can serve in your communities.


2. Songwriter Circle: Are you a songwriter?   Do you want to be? Come to the Songwriter Circle where you can share you original songs & find a safe place for peer review & critique (optional) We will cheer each other on in the creative process & grow together


Evan Wilson

1. Beginner Mandolin: covering the fundamental techniques for any person wanting to make music on a mandolin. Including tuning, changing strings, how to hold the pick, controlling overtones, checking intonation, finding rhythm, and picking melodies by ear.


2. Chord Shapes and How They Travel: will be about use of closed position chords that can be moved anywhere on the fretboard. We'll look into breaking down chords into double stops and how they can be used to emphasize melodies in a solo. This is the critical information that will give new players the feeling of freedom in every key!

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