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Mandolin Workshops

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Scott Napier

Tunes in a Minor Key: 


Harmony Lead Singing

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Jim Richter

Writing a Blues Tune

Writing a blues tune will explore how to develop motif, mood,  and motion that excites the listener and compels other musicians to learn the tune.  By the end of the class, class members will have collaborated in creating a tune.

Arranging a Rock Tune

This session will explore the techniques of arranging for mandolin, using a rock song.

click below for a pdf of the Workshop Schedule


Lauren Price Napier

Changing a  Song's Key for the Female Voice

Harmony Lead Singing

John D. Gates 2.jpg

John Gates

Developing "Back up" Playing

Right Hand Pick Techniques


Evan Wilson

Mandolin 101

Workshop for  those just starting out and wanting to learn a bit about what to do with the instrument.  Evan plans to cover  Tuning, Checking your Mandolins intonation, Chord Shapes, The Chop,The Pick Hold, The importance of Timing and Tone, and searching for a melody


Topics of this workshop will be: importance of networking, knowing when to play, when not to play, and what defines bluegrass music. Evan will provide insight into the business side of bluegrass, and what it takes to make a career in this music. He'll talk about the state of bluegrass as an industry  and the future direction as he sees it. Bring your questions.

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