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Lots of Music Coming at You

Looking at the calendar, it hit me that we have really a lot coming up. Heading into the end of July we're looking at a bluegrass night, a gospel night, and an acoustic show of bluegrass and country music.

Here we have a photo of Jim Pelz and Brandt Smith doing their set of acoustic picking at the Listing Loon in Cincinnati's Northside. They'll be at the Opry Barn on July 25.

And then August---it's a veritable cornucopia.

Beginning right off the bat with a return of the popular Hee Haw Tribute Shows on Aug 1 & 2, and rolling right on through the month. I think we're going to just call the whole thing Hot August Nights.

The one thing we need to continue this pace is volunteers. We need people to take care of putting out event signs, man the box office, take care of concessions. Let us know if you'd like to be a part of this action.

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